The trend toward Storytelling is an unmistakable force that is sweeping across organizational gatherings, meetings, and presentations globally. With leaders becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the low engagement at their events, they are ditching the scripts and podiums in favor of more compelling and captivating content and style.

This week I am honored to be invited to Inspiring Leaders podcast with Terry Lipovski. Terry has served in leadership roles at Apple, Bell and Rogers, and on the Board of Directors at GCCS. Terry has served clients in over 20 countries. including Microsoft, HP, GE, Tesco, Enbridge, TD, Air Canada and the Government of Canada. As an IAC Certified Masteries Coach, Terry focuses on Team Building, Engagement, Strategy, Relationships, Balance, Presence and Presentations through TEDx and private clients. He is the Host the Inspiring Leaders Podcast and Authored “Quotes For Leaders”.

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