If you run a sales team or provide b2b services of any kind, this tip might be of use…

Bring other team members to sales meetings & pitches…

If you’re going to a sales meeting, take a member of the team that doesn’t stand to gain financially from winning any deal.

If you’re the company owner or a business development person, the prospect knows you gain financially from them agreeing to work with you.

The company owner adds revenue and the business development person likely makes some commission.

So even if you’re knowledgeable and passionate, this is always in the back of their mind.

They are keenly aware of this.

If you do have a team (however small or large it may be) – you should take an account manager (or other non-senior/biz dev person) with you.

They should play a prominent role in the meeting.

As long as they’re not awful in meetings, it will often make a real difference.

If they show up and are passionate and brimming with ideas and super excited to work with the client, it’s for the love of the craft. Not the money.

If anything, if they win the deal, their lives actually get harder! They have more work to do!

Action: Take your account managers and even take more junior team members to these meetings.



1. The prospect will meet the team they’re likely going to work with. This is important. It stops the “they bring out the big guns for the sales pitch” mentality.

2. The passion and excitement shown by your less senior/non-sales focused team members will come across as genuine as it’s unspoiled by any financial incentives. Their enthusiasm comes across as more ‘pure’.

This will help you close more deals.

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