Storytelling Sales Testimonials


” I would rate my workshop experience as very good. I realized that my stories have to be specific to the situation and not in general. They must match the objections and make it relatable to the prospect and not about my services and what we do – but how we helped someone

– Luxury Charters/Sailing School/

Kevin Brown

” Great workshop with very helpful content!   I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how a simple twist of introducing storytelling can increase closing rates.”

-Edmonton Canada

Ben Horne


” I would rate this workshop as very good and the content was certainly helpful. We have had numerous sales meetings with our team about storytelling and the impact of this process. We are opening more doors for sure! “

– Waste Logic Inc Edmonton Canada

John Bodnar


” Excellent workshop and I would recommend it without any hesitation! My key learning was that we only have 90 seconds to capture your potential new client. Ed’s real-life stories made the training very relevant to our business”.

– C.E.O at Karjohn Drywall Ltd
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sean Kozicki


” I found the workshop content to be very practical. The idea of building a catalog of stories is very relevant to our growing US and Canada sales team. Our goal is a stronger engagement with customers and working with Ed through the exercises has certainly helped”.

– Sales Manager Calgary

Kashif Siddiqui


“We had this training in Toronto last week, and I found it to be excellent.  I have particularly liked the combination of Feel, Felt, Found technique and STAR formula for storytelling. I also liked how Ed drilled down on a particular customer situation and made this a ” real life” exercise. Wish we had more time to practice. Highly recommend it! “. 

– Founder at

Darwin Perrier Vice President


“Excellent workshop with very helpful content to help our company grow and increase sales. My major takeaway was about the importance of empathy to start the sales process. Highly recommend this training and would love more pre-work next time! ” 

– Utility Sector Consulting

Marc Rheaume


” This was an excellent workshop, and I highly recommend it as it was very relevant to our everyday sales environment. Developing a library of stories and teaching my sellers how to handle objections better with stories is very valuable. Ed provided good pace, humor and relevant information all throughout the training. My only wish is that we could have had more time to practice increasing our sales! “

– Vice President at Hospitality Inns Ltd.

Shelby Gobbo


” I found the content to be extremely helpful. After the workshop, I realized the importance of specifics and details when telling a story when I am meeting a prospect. I will certainly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to increase sales. I think the opportunity to “test our storytelling” by presenting our story during the session was invaluable”.

– Senior Manager, Programs at The Roundtable Inc

Larry Manchester


Ed delivers a proven concept that generates exciting results in client prospecting and development. The Storytelling approach resonates with clients and customers creating intrigue that leaves them wanting more!

 Loan Officer

Rob Dale



Ed’s ability to weave stories into sales techniques is quite powerful! He was engaging and helped our entire team improve the quality of our prospect meetings. I highly recommend him and his seminars.

 Sales Director

Brian Reichert



I enjoyed Ed’s training and hearing about his experience in sales. He has a very relaxed/calm demeanor which I liked. I also liked hearing the stories about his personal experiences – especially the one about closing the big sale at the water fountain. The techniques he uses with storytelling are ones I was already using – and didn’t realize how valuable they were. I would recommend Ed’s workshops; to anyone I know in sales. The value in his presentation is the experience that he brings to the table, and the major players that he has worked with – this all gives him credibility. His engaging personality and low key relaxed approach is interesting and non-threatening for people.

Technical Sales and Marketing Representative

Justin Baumgardner



I was pleased to be a part of the presentation that Ed conducted. I found the session extremely informative, professional and extremely well conducted. I would definitely return to his sessions again and I would encourage others to do the same.

Team Leader Ottawa, Canada

Julia Borgan



Ed provided me with incredible insights and guidance when I was going through job interview process for a business development position. His suggestions for closing a sale are so effective that it worked for me 100% of the time. but I can’t tell you more, you have to talk to him. Lol

Business Development Manager

Jamie Strahl



Ed was very good at showing the value of storytelling in terms of developing a stronger relationship with someone. Making yourself more relate-able to your client. Not to mention how your services might relate to a time that they experienced and how you might solve a problem for them. His personal past became clear and his success became easier to relate to on my level. This is of value to anyone, not only in sales.

Global Corporate Travel Adviser

Lynn Ladd



Ed teaches practical and useful skills in a way that is impactful.  His workshop was fun, and the format encouraged everyone present to interact.

Business Development Specialist OTUS Group

Wendy Lee



Thank you for having us at your workshop!  It was quite informative. It was great to have the media clips to illustrate points and keep us engaged. I am hoping to be better at making further sales with your information. I would recommend your workshop to those who are new to sales or would like to improve on their skills to learn new techniques.

 Marriott Hotels

Leigh Mildon



“I enjoyed your training and hearing about your experience in sales. You have a very relaxed/calm demeanor which I liked. I also liked hearing the stories about your personal experience – especially the one about closing the big sale at the water fountain. The techniques you use with storytelling are ones I was already using – and didn’t realize how valuable they were. I would recommend your workshops, to anyone I know in sales. The value in your presentation is the experience that you bring to the table, and the major players that you have worked with – this all gives you credibility. But your personality is engaging and your low key relaxed approach is interesting and non-threatening for people”.

 Corporate Account Manager

Michael Curran


  “Thanks Ed! I thought you did a great job. Happy to see you putting to work all that sales experience. And, I love using stories and anecdotes in the sales process. 100% agree.

Ottawa Business Journal Great River Media Inc.

Mike Celentano



Good flow and examples. Very Comfortable with content.

TD Bank

Marc Beaudin


  911 is an approach I will use a lot of great information – new ideas. Personal stories add to the relationship building.

G&K Services

Erin Hamilton


  Fantastic. My biggest takeaways were that I was using “yes, but…” logic instead of stories to compel people and that emotions are necessary to find relevance. I loved the stories; this information makes sense and feels doable. Loved the analogy of Boxing vs Aikido. This will stay with me forever. You were patient even when we were way off bore with our presentations, role plays and working in teams.


Lindsay Polak


  I really enjoy the suggestion of using storytelling overall. Your stories are hugely beneficial.

– Director of Sales

Graham Venables


  Very insightful and educations. Engaging. Presenter is well versed and experienced. Engaged the audience well and had relatable experience.

-Named Account Executive – Public and Private Sector

Dan Sorel


  Loved it – best I’ve seen in yrs. I was pushing myself to get involved which never happened in training or a long time.

-, Service Delivery Manager

Suzanne Grether


  “Thank you for the great training day! The feedback on Friday was very positive! My expectations were met as I know that based on conversations with representatives to date, all of them left with pearls to implement. For myself, the use of “911” and having a “tool box” of stories to use with potential customers was a key!  My second pearl is using the energy of our opponent and finding a common ground so we are walking side by side and not pushing one another back and forth (not always easy as emotions can run high when you are in the heat of the call!)  Your commercial at the end of class really hit home!  Changing our words can change our world.  Keeping our language positive , staying away from the word “but”, and having a pleasant, upbeat vibe on both the telephone and in person are things I believe in 100%. Again, a big thank you Ed for getting our team off to such a great start in the New Year!

 -District Sales Manager

Joelle Hall


  “Your presentation at the Orleans Chamber of Commerce breakfast last week really resonated with me as I had already started actively brainstorming situations/stories to have in my back pocket in response to common objections”. Again, a big thank you Ed for getting our team off to such a great start in the New Year!

-RBC Dominion Securities

Sherry Ghali


  “What I liked best is that I was engaged in the seminar the whole time. I have a very short attention span as we discussed and you managed to keep my attention for the whole time. That is a rare event. So that was the thing I appreciated the most.

  -Business Development

Adrian Botelho


  “Ed, I liked your hands on approach and how you kept it simple with relatable examples and scenarios. I am planning to use this new information to reduce objections, create urgency, and to stop selling and start closing through well-crafted storytelling. I hope to master my storytelling to gain trust from potential clients over the phone which will hopefully yield more sales, more commission, and more profit for my company.

  -Business Development Associate

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