Storytelling formula secret.. - Business Storytelling
This week I am in Chicago at the national sales conference, and i keep getting questions about the
“Secret” Storytelling formula. Actually, Storytelling can be very simple. You just need to create one to start with. Trust me, as you become more in tune with the effects of storytelling, you will soon have your own collection of gems for many different situations and occasions.
But how do you start now? How do you create a story? What makes for a good story?Stories used in Story Selling have 5 key elements:
• Landscape,
• Character(s),
• The challenge (the “problem”),
• Action(s) or solutions, and
• The resolution (a happy ending or lessons learned ending).You start with the time and setting, opening with some structured format and introductory phrases. Here are some examples:

1. “The best example I’ve seen of that was…”

2. “Back in……., at………, there was……., and they were trying to……..”
3. “Then, one day……..”

4. “So they……., and then……., and so they…….”

5. “Eventually…….”

6. “What I learned from that was…….”

Then, create some suspense, however mundane the story may seem at first.
A successful story makes your audience feel the drama. Remember, a story should be an emotional journey!

Introduce the hero, and the main characters, and make them real by giving them distinguishing characteristics and human traits your listener can relate to and empathize with. Present a challenge that relates to an issue at hand — that should connect with and light up your audience.

It’s almost always beneficial to break up sequential or logical events, thus creating suspense. Try incorporating time flashbacks, skipping an event that the audience will deduce later, or shifting a piece of information from the introduction to the end. For example, tell a story about a series of business mistakes someone made and, at the end, reveal that they’re your mistakes. Using dialogue is another way to lighten up the story and make it relevant and real.

Does it make sense?