Storytelling for Professionals

Ignite your sales performance through this dynamic three-month training program. Learn to use proven storytelling techniquest to create a common vision with your client, handle objections without confrontation, and close more sales, faster.

Free: The Storytelling Sales Playbook

Jumpstart your storytelling sales skills with our Playbook, packed with powerful, easy-to-learn strategies to help you become a more effective, persuasive communicator.

Derek Thuillard
Derek Thuillard
I was a participant at the Demand Generation Workshop where we learned the value of storytelling in terms of developing a stronger relationship and making one's self more relatable to clients through story-telling and shared experiences. Excellent workshop.
Paul Selway
Paul Selway
Ed's story telling webinars are well worth your time. I came away a number of practical actions I could take today.
Matt Bramson
Matt Bramson
Ed is experienced and thoughtful and his approach reflects that. Ed and I did a podcast together and I was impressed with his insightful questions and listening skills. Storytelling is an overlooked skill in sales and Ed helps companies understand their story and tell it effectively.
Raj Thakkar
Raj Thakkar
Ed has a niche for understanding clients expectations and suggesting products and services that addresses the needs. No overselling, no misrepresentation! Ed is professional and calculated in his approach. I have had very positive experience dealing with Ed.
Jeff Snyder
Jeff Snyder
Ed is great at helping sales professionals create a winning attitude and shares real-world examples of storytelling to help them succeed.
Garry Pascal
Garry Pascal
Ed knows how to deliver the message, bang on! Helping his listeners/clients understand by using real stories that give you motivation to succeed. He is also a kind man, taking questions and offering networking connections by simply asking. I am happy to have met Ed, by accident, and look forward to years of continued professional friendship.
Dave Bowman
Dave Bowman
Story telling is a tremendously powerful tool to engage customers and help them better understand the outcomes and benefits of the product/service being sold. Ed's integration of story telling into proven sales processes delivers a comprehensive set of skills that delivers tremendous value to junior through experienced sales people alike. Ed's focus on student participation in his workshops makes the learning fun and effective. The stories participants share of their personal experience further enhances the learnings of the program and is tangible proof of the power of story telling.
Julia Borgan
Julia Borgan
Ed provided workshop training on negotiation strategies for our team and it was the most useful and captivating training ever! There were so much value that we couldn't stop talking about for weeks after and quoting what he said. We all have so much better framework and higher confidence when entering into negotiation stage. Thank you, Ed! We can't wait to have you back to teach us more :-)
Becky Lavoie
Becky Lavoie
" Never have I seen anything like it. It was motivating, encouraging, positive and I learned SO much. Ed, you are truly phenomenal! The session on Saturday was beyond words – best ever! And the follow up is exceptional. The information you CONTINUE to provide us is keeping me motivated and encouraged to make myself (and the team) better! By implementing these tools you have given us, I’m anticipating my most successful year in the last 18! I feel better prepared and much more comfortable than I have before. I can’t wait to review the videos you have sent here and I’ve already started the book you gave us!"
Sara Claudia Photography
Sara Claudia Photography
Ed Bilat is a great speaker & made what could have been a very long Saturday into a fun, engaging experience. I will be working on my objection handling, particularly the "yes, and" when dealing with unhappy clients!

Why You Need This Training

Storytelling Sales: Professionals Program is for professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs who would like to become better at making connections, building trust, improving presentations, and overcoming sales objections.

Build instant trust with prospects

Become influential communicators

Overcome sales objections

Why Storytelling for Sales?

Today’s sales teams need a new approach to engage and motivate buyers.

You might wonder why this is relevant if you’re a business owner or a working professional. After all, if you’re an interior designer, or an accountant or a mechanic, you don’t need to tell stories, right?

Well, these days, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s your stories that are going to set your business apart from your competition.

With the arrival of the internet, buyers can now access information about features and benefits without consulting the sales people at all. Today’s professionals and entrepreneurs need a new approach to engage and motivate buyers.

How Will This Training Help Me Grow My Business?

Through our interactive workshop and practical training program, you’ll learn to leverage the power of stories to:

Spark instant rapport with new prospects

Build long-term relationships of trust

Overcome objections without confrontation

Improve your ability to explain complex ideas in ways that engage different types of buyers

Use your new storytelling skills immediately to close current, live opportunities

Close sales faster because the buyer is emotionally engaged in the process

Working On Live Opportunities

Running your own business takes a lot of time. It’s hard to put aside time to learn a new skill. That is why we focus our storytelling sales training on immediate opportunities that need to be leveraged.

Watch the video to learn more about how our
storytelling strategies and techniques can help you.

Who Teaches This Course?

Known as THE storytelling sales master, Ed Bilat specializes in helping build stronger sales teams through strategic storytelling techniques.

With over 23 years in the business world as a top sales leader, business coach and professional speaker, Ed is recognized as one of the most credible and competent experts in the field of business storytelling.

Our Training Process


Customize the training to your needs

We first meet with you to identify your organization’s specific sales challenges and goals. From these insights, we develop a customized storytelling training for your team. No cookie cutter templates here!


Dynamic one- and two-day workshops

Ignite and equip your sales team with this dynamic live training. Packed with interactive challenges, role plays and exercises, your team will build key, strategic storytelling skills in a fun, hands-on and inspiring environment.


3-Month After-Training Practice (ATP)

Too often, sales training programs fail to deliver. That’s why we specialize in helping you lock in your sales results with our 3-Month After Training Practice. Designed to solidify the change your company is aiming for and ensure your team does not revert to old habits, the After-Training Practice helps participants implement their new skills in the real world.

See What It’s Like to Attend The Workshop

Your Investment

The cost of our Storytelling for Sales: Corporate Program varies from $1000-$1300/person (10-18 participants), depending on how much customizing is needed.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the methods we offer that we guarantee a full refund of the program fee if you are not satisfied.

We can deliver these workshops to your team, at your site. Explore a workshop, and contact us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about what to expect at a Storytelling Sales workshop or course? We have answers. Have more questions? Please contact us using the form below.

How do I select what's best for my business and for my team?

We suggest working together following these steps:

1. Determine long and short-term goals and objectives.

2. Evaluate where the gaps are, from where you rbusiness and your team is now, to where you want them to be.

3. Confirm the gaps are on target with the strategic plan.

4. Select the best process and solution to achieve the goals.

How long are your workshops?

The individual workshop lengths vary from half-day to a day and a half with weekly follow-up sessions for one hour per week. We work with you and your staff to schedule with the least impact on business. Our goals is to provide hands on, how-to information that participants can apply the moment they leave the classroom setting.

Can I measure the effectiveness of your training?

Yes. The specific measures will be driven by your objectives, which we discuss right up front. Common metrics include: decreased turnover, increased sales, increased margins, increased transaction size, new markets or accounts penetrated, increased customer retention, increased contract renewals, growth in “up sales” and increased referrals.

Where are classes held?

We can deliver training at your headquarters, in a hotel or conference center, or at your field locations across the country or around the world. We also conduct training at our own headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Is there any follow-up to the training?

Yes, we believe follow-up is critical. We include a series of coaching sessions to reinforce classroom concepts, change sales behaviors and improve performance. Typically we coach sales reps from 4 weeks to 50 weeks after the live training ends. This “immersion” is the best way to create the performance improvements you’re looking for.

Could I do just one workshop a year and still have success?

Yes. Many training budgets allow for only one workshop per year. We have found some companies are only able to do just that. Even one of our workshops will have a positive impact, especially since each seminar has qualitative measuring tools. Our seminars include pre-work and post-work assignments along with weekly outlines for 4-52 weeks to keep your training top-of-mind.

Is your training industry specific?

Yes. We believe effective training must reflect your company and the world your salespeople work in. We invest time up front to get to know your business, territory, sales roles, customers, products, services, market conditions, and more. Then we develop seamless training and coaching programs to meet your needs. Your team won’t have to make a “mental leap” during training to connect with the material we present.

Why do I need a professional training firm?

Professional sales trainers, sales coaches, sales consultants and educational experts are experiences in curriculum design and know how to train and motivate your team for transformational change and peak performance. They are experts in their field, just as you are an expert in yours.

Is this just another rah-rah program or does it really improve sales performance?

While we are confident you and your sales people will be motivated when leaving our programs, it won’t be a fleeting emotion. Instead, your team will be charged up because you have a plan, know what to do with it, and can implement it immediately for quick results. Our programs are highly-engaging and interactive, but they are also on-target to your specific developmental objectives.

“What I like the most about working with you Ed- you are very approachable; you go above and beyond typical training (customized approach); you are authentic. I would absolutely recommend your workshop to people in sales/ business development role. The most important thing is that you are passionate about what you do and have really good stories to share.”

– Nicolas de Bony // Business Coach

“I like the best your soft-spoken style and Aikido parallels. I am planning to apply Feel-Felt-Found principle and collecting real life stories and experiences. The most important thing is how you have helped companies and individuals in the past: what were the issues and how did you coach these and what was the final result. I am looking forward to working together in the future!”

– Marcus van der Pas // Business Development, Russell Hendrix Equipment Ottawa

“Storytelling is a natural extension of who I am so showing how it can be so effective was very helpful. After the workshop, I realized I have to be more intentional-more strategic when I am meeting a prospect. I will certainly recommend this workshop. I think the information is relevant regardless of industry. The time was well spent and beneficial to every team member.”

– Raelene Bergen Harder // Business Coach

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