Leading Software as a Service (SaaS) Company - Business Storytelling

This SaaS company designed beautiful email and landing page templates but lacked sales conversions.

Client’s Issue

Building a great product was the easy part for this software company. Unfortunately, getting people to buy the product was the most challenging. This software Company launched a breakthrough, “must have” product that had been offered online via a limited “free trial” basis. After attracting many people to sign-up for the free trial, the conversion rate to the paid version was very low, at about 5-7%. The company was stuck with the question: “why we are not selling more?”

How We Helped

We developed and delivered a unique training program focused on communicating exceptional Value Proposition to their prospects who had already downloaded the software. With some coaching, this company finally positioned themselves to convert free-trial consumers to paid customers.


Beyond Consulting was able to re-engage their prospects and convert them to clients with a 27% conversion rate.