This week it is back-to-school time, and somehow it feels like it’s the start of a new sales year! I see it from my clients, all around the sales world, kick off meetings are being planned, new quotas are being assigned, and sales people are setting their own personal achievement goals. It is a new game altogether!

Speaking of the game, I was playing chess with my son yesterday, and he asked why Bobby Fischer was so good. Bobby Fischer, who considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time, said the following: “What happened? One day I just got good.”

You don’t get great playing chess overnight. You don’t become great at your profession or as a leader overnight, either. You work at your craft day by day, step by step…

and then, you realize something. It happened so gradually that you almost didn’t notice. On that day, you will look back and realize… you just got good.

I look forward to you achieving your full potential in the New Year.

Happy New Year

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