Julien Leblanc joins us on today’s episode of the Storytelling for Sales Podcast to share his incredible journey from a tennis player to a world-class leader in many areas. He shares a lot of gems in this episode including how he uses storytelling with his unique strategy of “hook ’em, engage ’em and call ’em to action.”


Julien is a very successful serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies and now largely devotes his time to learning and teaching and injecting confidence across the globe.



  • Julien’s journey to entrepreneurship
  • The practical application of confidence techniques
  • Virtual selling and best practices
  • The rise of the attention economy



[00:22] Introduction to this episode

[00:45] Ed’s first encounter with Julien

[02:40] Two business success stories that inspired him

[05:52] How he got into the sales world

[08:37] Early days challenges with sales

[10:02] Current mistakes that salespeople make

[11:41] How can you tell a world-class salesperson

[12:20] How he picks his industries/ business partners

[13:22] The values that drive his company

[15:00] Stories that excite his clients

[16:30] Virtual selling and the best practices

[21:22] The top 3 questions to ask prospects

[24:34] The attention economy

[25:45] The art of storytelling

[28:15] Contact info


Connect with Julien and find out more about him on Linkedin and his website

Find out more about his company, blueprint  North America here

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