Maddie Pimentel has been in the Learning & Development field for the past 19 years. She joined SnapAV last year as the Training and Development Manager for North America. Maddie’s role is to enable the sales teams to quickly ramp, begin generating revenue and stay up to date on products, solutions and process updates as well as industry trends. With the purchase of Control4, a publicly-traded company, a few months ago, Maddie is now responsible for sales enablement for the global sales teams.

Prior to this, she was with NCR Corporation, AT&T, Hearst Media Services and Carrera Commerce in various roles, including Global Sales Enablement, National Training Manager, Inside and Outside Sales Manager as well as Corporate Marketing Manager.

Maddie is fluent in Spanish and earned a BA in Communications from Georgia State University. She has also worked as a reporter and interpreter with several media outlets in the Atlanta market. Maddie was born in Havana, Cuba and moved to Atlanta with her family when she was two months old. Her interests include writing, reading, traveling, and photography.

If you want your sales team to deliver results, discover the secrets of sales coaching and learn about the hottest trends in the sales training industry, take 20 minutes to learn from this incredibly successful business leader. 


  • The role of storytelling in human to human connection
  • Top 3 critical skills for salespeople
  • Is it difficult to train salespeople?
  • The value of building companywide Storytelling Library
  • Latest trends in the sales training industry


[00:22] Introduction

[01:42] Welcome Maddie

[02:00] Business stories that inspire Maddie

[02:51] How her father got started

[03:13] Winning business of the year award

[05:52] Maddie’s portfolio

[06:02] How she got into sales

[06:53] Critical skills for salespeople

[07:08] Relationship building

[07:22] Listening

[07:33] Customer’s needs assessment

[09:34] Is it difficult to train salespeople?

[10:49] Net promoter score

[11:16] Maddie’s process of training salespeople

[11:40] Current trends in sales training

[11:56] Mobile and gamification

[14:56] The on-boarding program at Snap AV

 [17:05] Type of stories that excite customers

[19:00] The meaning of Story library

[20:20] Challenges facing today’s sales leaders

[20:34] Keeping up with the technology

[22:00] The Art of storytelling

[22:53] Contact info 

You can reach Maddie at

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