Eli Fathi is CEO at MindBridge Ai, developer of the world’s first auditing tool based upon artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies – Ai Auditor – to uncover errors in financial data.

Eli has been a technology entrepreneur for over 30 years, having founded or co-founded many successful technology companies.

Eli was recognized as the 2022 AI Leader of the Year by the Digital Finance Institute and is a prolific speaker, including talks at the AICPA, Startup Canada Day on the Hill, and TEDx.

Eli also gives back to the community by mentoring future business leaders and sitting on the boards of various non-profit organizations.



  • The rise and the meaning of AI revolution 
  • How Eli built his companies from scratch and what you should expect to sacrifice in order to succeed
  • Top mistakes salespeople make all the time
  • The role of Human to Human Connection



[00:31] Introduction

[01:42] Welcome Eli

[02:06] Business stories that inspire Eli

[02:20] The story of Febreze

[04:10] Customer success and assessment

[05:00] Market research

[07:17] Becoming a Serial entrepreneur

[07:30] Building Fluid corporation

[08:18] How Eli got into sales

[09:30] Challenges he faced earlier on

[11:05] Mistakes most salespeople make

[12:38] Good relationship with customers?

[13:25] Eli’s favorite sales failure

[15:35] The rise of Artificial intelligence

[16:00] AI as a threat to salespeople

[18:32] The role of Human to Human connection

[19:42] Competition in AI development

[22:04] Meaning of Leadership

[23:10] Failure rate of new companies

[24:20] His mantras

[25:47] Challenges facing today’s sales leaders

[27:25] Contact info


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