Love to receive letters like this…. That’s what I call a creative use of sales closing techniques during a job interview!

“Ed, amazing news!!! I have signed that job offer yesterday. I am their new Business Development Manager starting Sep 18, in 5 weeks. Before that, I am doing a small research project for them and also going to weekly sales meetings with the team and meeting engineering managers to get up to speed faster. It’s an amazing opportunity. I did use your phrase “Based on today’s discussion, is there any reason… ” OMG! They didn’t know where to look and then gave me feedback on my fit w/them and I was able to gently address objections (with some story telling of course!). When they asked me if I have any questions, I said “When can I start”. after a long pause they asked me “When CAN you start?” Then I was leaving and they asked again if I have any questions and I said “I already asked the most important question – When can I start?”

I would love to learn more about your work to make sure I can use any opportunity possible to recommend your services. I am so grateful for your taking time to speak to me before my last interview.”.

Have you tried “closing” your job interviews yet?


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