Case Study: Rhapsody Strategies - Business Storytelling

Rhapsody Strategies Rhapsody exists to build the most sophisticated leaders that will change the face of business. Focused on building leaders, transforming organizations and helping engagement with your market.

Specialties: Business Coaching, Organizational Transformation, Social Media, and Digital Marketing

Company Size 11-50 employees

Website Industry Management Consulting   Founded 2014Business Issuses:

        • Difficulty identifying real opportunities early on in the sales process
        • Dealing with direct objections while scaling its Coaches team
        • Need for a consistent sales process that could be adopted by the entire company

Key Challenges:

        • Coaches not consistently being able to qualify opportunities, especially larger deal pursuits
        • Win ratios lower than desired
        • Lengthy sales cycles; inaccurate forecasting

How We Helped:

        • Storytelling workshops delivered to all new hires to ensure the process is part of company DNA
        • Keynote presentations with a focus on developing value-based stories to increase coach’s credibility
        • Custom case studies on building “Epic” stories
        • Video analysis of Role plays
        • 30 days Action plan to accelerate sales with on-the job coaching