Rhapsody Strategies Rhapsody exists to build the most sophisticated leaders that will change the face of business. Focused on building leaders, transforming organizations and helping engagement with your market.

Specialties: Business Coaching, Organizational Transformation, Social Media, and Digital Marketing

Company Size 11-50 employees

Website https://rhapsodystrategies.com Industry Management Consulting   Founded 2014Business Issuses:

        • Difficulty identifying real opportunities early on in the sales process
        • Dealing with direct objections while scaling its Coaches team
        • Need for a consistent sales process that could be adopted by the entire company

Key Challenges:

        • Coaches not consistently being able to qualify opportunities, especially larger deal pursuits
        • Win ratios lower than desired
        • Lengthy sales cycles; inaccurate forecasting

How We Helped:

        • Storytelling workshops delivered to all new hires to ensure the process is part of company DNA
        • Keynote presentations with a focus on developing value-based stories to increase coach’s credibility
        • Custom case studies on building “Epic” stories
        • Video analysis of Role plays
        • 30 days Action plan to accelerate sales with on-the job coaching
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