Specialties Data Recovery, RAID Recovery, Forensics, e-Discovery, Hard Drive Wiping, Data Security, Data Destruction, Hard Drive Certification, and Media Performance Check

Headquarters Ottawa, ON

Company Size 11-50 employeesWebsite http://www.capitaldatarecovery.com

Industry :Computer Hardware Founded: 2004

Business Issues:

        • Lengthy sales cycles; inaccurate forecasting
        • Continue impressive growth rate
        • Reduce cost of sales

Key Challenges:

        • Lack of understanding of formal Sales Process: CRM, sales reporting system, sales funnel ratios, sales forecast, account & territory management plans.
        • Specifically: sales Goals, Sales Cycle Length, Average Deal size, Conversion Rate, Time per pipeline stage, Verified Deals in Pipeline Stage
        • High revenue growth but without consistency across sales
        • Integration with the customer’s CRM

How We Helped:

        • Sales Skills Gaps Analysis (Closing, Selling Higher value, Sales Prospecting, Trusted Advisor, Pre-qualification).
        • Developed specific sales funnel management tools to evaluate and measure sales performance with key clients and contacts.
        • Reviewed current Business Model and Road to Market (RTM)
        • Reviewed Prospecting activities: Online, Direct, and Networking.
        • Examined: Sales call structure, closing ratios knowledge, funnel management, the adaption of CRM and sales skills.


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