CANARIE strengthens Canadian leadership in science and technology by delivering digital infrastructure to support world-class research that directly benefits all Canadians.



Ottawa, Ontario

Year founded


Company size

11-50 employees


Research and Education Network, Technology innovation, Research Software, Cloud computing, and Identity and access management

Business Issues

  • Increase the delivery of digital infrastructure to key Canadian business stakeholders



  • Executive team needed to visualize company story, metaphor and true organizational meaning
  • Business units were not consistently gaining access to research institution decision makers.


How We Helped

  • Delivered Storytelling and Overcoming objections for Leaders program.
  • Particular attention to developing unique CANARIE value stories, connecting with company metaphor, and, ultimately, helping colleagues to think differently and overcome entrenched views.
  • Introduced the concept of shared central depository of CANARIE success stories.


Result: Immediately after the program, Executive team felt more bonded, connected  and working toward common goal. 911 objection handling and storytelling techniques were successfully adapted by CTO and his team on the following week.

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