I am delivering three training sessions on objection handling next week.

Want to know my Secret techniques?

Let me make this simple for you and give you three steps that will help you handle just about any objection that you come across. We call this 911 Objection Handling.

But first, pause and give yourself some space. Take a break and count to three if you need to.

3 Steps for Objection Handling

Step 1: (I understand how you FEEL)

Objections are a natural part of the selling process. If there are none, it could mean that the prospect is apathetic. Objections actually show interest.

Acknowledge that your prospect has a right to object and understand that your prospect has a right to ask questions and express their concerns about your work, process, or any materials that you shared with them.

Acknowledgment statements include “Now, I understand how you feel”, “Thanks for sharing that with me,” “If I would be in your shoes, I would feel the same way,”

Step 2 (Many of my clients FELT the same way before)

This is where you go to your Story library and find a similar situation you dealt with in the past.

Step 3 (This is the solution they FOUND with us)

Finally, you tell this story to your prospects. Use an example of another customer’s success to handle the same objection. Say something like, “When we were dealing with XYZ company two months ago they told us exactly the same thing…”

To handle objections, you need to utilize all three steps and tell a story. You can even use the acronym FEEL, FELT, FOUND if that helps you remember. Remember that the story is the glue that holds your sales together because people will always care more about what your existing clients think of your company.

Think you can use this technique?

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