e004- “When you sell it is not about you, it is about them”. | Ed Bilat with Chad Heath, VP / GM of Kegstar US

Chad Heath is the VP / GM of Kegstar US.  Kegstar is a leader in the keg rental space and has been in operation in Australia since 2012.Prior to Kegstar, Chad was the Sr. Director of Stone Distributing. After joining the team in 2008, he has helped create exponential growth for Stone and more than 30 supplier brands sold throughout Southern California, taking the amount distributed from 350,000 case equivalents to roughly 4+ million in 2016.Chad is also an instructor at San Diego State University where he teaches "The Business of Craft Beer".WHAT YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE 

e003- ” Logic and data can only take you so far, Story is where we really connect” | Ed Bilat with Christy Soukhamneut, SVP, National Sales Performance at Certainty Home Loans

Christy Soukhamneut is a 20+ year veteran of the mortgage industry who is dedicated to turning possibility into reality.  A gifted strategic thinker, she knows that you must cut through the clutter, clearly articulate the vision, and then rally support at the street level.  Christy accomplishes this by helping loan officers build their unique selling propositions around their individual strengths and then holds them accountable for achieving their dreams.Everything she does is evaluated against these three bars: Will it make your life easier?  Will it help you & your team be more productive? Will it help you grow your business?


e002- ” Can AI drive intimacy with Customers?” | Ed Bilat with Russell Scherwin, Chief Marketing Officer at IBM Watson Commerce

Leading commerce strategy, sales, marketing, and consulting teams for over 20 years, Russell has worked with hundreds of organizations in shaping go-to-market strategies and execution plans. With a passion for technology’s socio-economic impact, Russell is known for expertly fusing economics, strategy, humor, and leadership into a deeply relevant, and entertaining message.


e001- ” Stop Selling and Start Listening ” | Ed Bilat with Duncan Bureau, President at Air Canada Rouge

Duncan Bureau was appointed President, Air Canada Rouge in May 2018 with overall responsibility for all aspects of Air Canada's low-cost carrier and subsidiary, focusing on Air Canada Rouge's distinct brand and culture.  He was previously Vice President, Global Sales, a role held since joining Air Canada in June 2014 where he had responsibility for the airline's revenue generated across all sales channels from all global points of sale, and sales distribution strategies worldwide.


-Building a new kind of Business | Ed Bilat with ItsPayd CEO Ken Green

Ken Green is founder & CEO of ItsPayd, an automated payment platform utilizing cutting-edge technologies to give control back to a company’s billing processes as well as providing users a peace of mind knowing their invoices are confidential and affordable. Prior to ItsPayd, Ken was CEO of a commercial collection agency and has over 20 years of executive leadership experience.

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Attention Economy

Attention Economy

Yesterday, I was delivering a workshop on Storytelling techniques, and one of the participants made an interesting remark that we have officially moved from Demand Creation Economy to Attention Economy. I found this fascinating, and here is one of the...
Bullet-Proof Objection Handling

Bullet-Proof Objection Handling

I am delivering three training sessions on objection handling next week. Want to know my Secret techniques? Let me make this simple for you and give you three steps that will help you handle just about any objection that you...
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