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e012- “Transform your Sales Process from Analog to Digital”| Ed Bilat with Jamie Shanks, Best Selling Author – SPEAR Selling


  • The meaning of Social Selling revolution 
  • How Jamie built his firm from a laptop, a stack of business cards and a tank of gas 
  • Top 10 Do's and Dont's for Social Selling 
  • How to incorporate social media triggers, insights, referrals and competitive intelligence into the daily sales cycle 


[00:15] Introduction

[01:26] Business stories that inspire Jamie 

[01:38] Building his firm from scratch

[03:06] How he got into sales

[05:31] Business development engine

[06:16] Favorite Sales failure

[06:30] Commercial real estate Lesson

[08:18] The Importance of Social selling

[08:40] Business to Business companies

[09:14] Triggers, referrals, insight and competitive intelligence

[10:48] Why some companies are yet to embrace social selling

[11:00] Fear of change

[13:15] The Role of LinkedIn

[15:49] Do's and Don'ts

[17:32] The emerging power of video in SM space

[19:56] The Art of Storytelling

[20:08] Building a storyboard

[21:26] The STAR process

[22:52] About Jamie's book, Spirit Selling

[23:40] Contact info

[24:35] Outro


e010- “I never lose. I either win or I learn.”| Ed Bilat with Harsh Sabikhi, Country Manager, GitHub


  • Inspiration story of Jack Ma (Alibaba Group) 
  • Storytelling techniques deployed at GitHub by Harsh 
  • The importance of keeping up  the pace of change in the sales world today
  • How competition and cooperation will influence the future of sales.





4 Most Powerful Words in Business

4 Most Powerful Words in Business

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e005- ” How to use Storytelling to build relationships and trust”.| Ed Bilat with Bill Jensen, Group Vice President at Mediacom Communication

As the leader for 500+ great employees, Bill Jensen always strives to be a difference-maker for the people who work with him at Mediacom. He enjoys developing managers and supervisors in reaching their full potential as well as creating a true TEAM atmosphere in administrative as well as field operations. Bill focuses on excellence and attention to detail as well as "doing it right the first time. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE 

e004- “When you sell it is not about you, it is about them”. | Ed Bilat with Chad Heath, VP / GM of Kegstar US

Chad Heath is the VP / GM of Kegstar US.  Kegstar is a leader in the keg rental space and has been in operation in Australia since 2012. Prior to Kegstar, Chad was the Sr. Director of Stone Distributing. After joining the team in 2008, he has helped create exponential growth for Stone and more than 30 supplier brands sold throughout Southern California, taking the amount distributed from 350,000 case equivalents to roughly 4+ million in 2016. Chad is also an instructor at San Diego State University where he teaches "The Business of Craft Beer". WHAT YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE