Are your Sales Stories Influencing Buyers? - Business Storytelling

Have you ever noticed that successful people always use stories in all their events? Did you ask yourself why?

Storytelling is an effective and influential tool. Stories carry emotions, which resonate on a personal level making your story part of the listener.


Read on for the 7 types of StorySelling you want to know:  

  1. “The Elevator pitch” – This is a short story that quickly gives away what value you bring to the table.
  2. “Cinderella Story” – This is a story that shows triumph over adversity. You share your success journey about your triumphs while communicating the strengths and values that propelled you at every stage. Listeners identify better when the story has values similar to their personal/corporate values.
  3. “Why your brand? ” – A story that allows you to share the factors that influenced your professional success and turned you into the industry authority you are.
  4. “Success Story” – A story about your influence on another person/organization, and the role you played in their success.
  5. “My own mistakes and disgrace” – An opportunity for you to flaunt your weaknesses (only those outside your area of expertise) and relate with your audience at a personal level.
  6. “If you do not follow the rules, you will get shot” – This story sets strict boundaries while clearly communicating the rights and obligations of each party
  7. “Killer-Offer” – Here you simply give an offer that your audience cannot refuse

The reality with storytelling is that you will have a bank of stories to choose from, you must identify stories that resonate with your listeners’ personal values. Take time identifying moments that will interest the listeners, evoke specific feelings and inspire them to take immediate action.

Failing to test your story ahead of time means that you will test it out in front of potential customers, employees, and partners, where there is no guarantee that your story will have the impact you are looking to make. This may end up being a huge waste of time, and you risk losing your credibility.