It was 12 am on Sunday night, and I thought I lost my damn mind.
I paced back and forth, scribbling on papers, making random changes in my PPT slides, sloppily sipping coffee and muttering under my breath.I couldn’t screw this up: next week I was delivering my very first training session to a group of 18 senior sales reps in the industry I knew nothing about…

Success in the training business is not about “sharing knowledge/wisdom”, it is all about driving the immediate results.

…. finally, I leaned back, and clapped my hands together trying not to wake up the kids.

My aha moment: I have to know my customers before I teach them how to succeed. Therefore, I would have to read up on the industry, talk to as many people as I could and spend some face time with the executive team before the training day.

I had created the foundation that would drive everything my new company Beyond Consulting did.

This week I traveled to Montreal to a customer plant location, and spent half a day collecting real life stories prior to the training.

Once again: an eye opener!

Content I was going to deliver originally would be pretty much USELESS.

Full Customization is a game changer!

What was your defining moment?

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