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✔  Do you want to win more sales this year?

✔  Do you want to know EXACTLY what your prospect is thinking?

✔  Do you want THE sales process we’ve used to win over multimillion contracts in 7 countries?

Our very own Master Storyteller Ed Bilat is offering you a challenge: win one sale in the next 3 days!

What’s Included in the Three-Day Unstoppable Sales Challenge?

For the next three days, you will get one short video with one action step to complete that day. Here’s our roadmap for the Three-Day Unstoppable Sales Challenge:

    Day 1: Get Inside the Buyer’s Mind by Asking Engaging Questions.

✔    Day 2: The Magic Formula for Crafting your Stories of influence.

✔    Day 3: How to use Storytelling to Overcome sales Objections ( 911 Objection Handling Technique).

  There are a lot of steps to winning the business, but Ed Bilat will show you the most powerful tools, tips, and tricks we use to help land the deals around the world!

This is a small-time commitment that has the power to change your business!

PLUS: Receive 60-page Playbook on How to craft your high-converting stories and close the business…

This Playbook is packed with powerful, easy-to-learn strategies to help you become a more effective, persuasive communicator.

✔    How to sell from stage (and convert more customers).

✔    The most important 3 minutes of your presentation, and how to rock it.

✔    Simple strategies to be a better speaker (body language, movement on stage, voice)

✔    Watch as Pat breaks down his presentation to show additional tips and hidden nuggets.

+Plus: Worksheets so you can implement what you learn! And so much more…

Say “Yes!” to our Three-Day Unstoppable Stage Challenge and watch what happens in your business

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