Happy New Year 2022!
We lost a major deal last week…It seemed like it couldn’t go wrong – it was a warm LinkedIn referral.

They asked for a fully customized sales training program for their US and UK teams- we said yes.

They asked to jam both Negotiation and Objection handling training in one day, instead of the usual three – we said yes.

They asked for comprehensive after-training support. We said yes, and included a coaching component at no additional charge for 12 weeks.

They said they loved our approach and program, but explained they had a very tight budget for this training. We then agreed to give them a 30% discount!

Lastly, they asked for a reference – we provided one and arranged the call.

But, in the end, we lost the deal!

I was so stunned, I called to find out ‘Why?’ I have to give them credit, they took my call.

They said they ‘went with a local company because it was more convenient to work with.’

This week don’t let circumstances you can’t control to control you. Sometimes you can do everything you can, everything right, and still not win the business.
But, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to tell your story.

Do you agree?

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