The sales leadership game ain’t for the faint-hearted. 

It’s a three-level power play that I like to call the ” TRIFOLD”
You start as a “Pushover”, morph into a “Maniac”, and if you’ve got the grit, you end up a “Sage”.

In Level 1, the “Pushover” phase, you’re all about people-pleasing.

 You’re Mr. or Ms. Popular, going all out to make your team feel like they’re on cloud nine. 
Sure, it’s all sunshine and rainbows at first, but then someone gets too comfortable and starts taking advantage of your soft-hearted style. 
Productivity takes a nosedive, and your organization is stuck in the mud.
So, you morph. 
You’re no longer the pushover, you’re a full-blown “Maniac” in Level 2. 
Now, you’re swinging the axe left and right, chopping down anyone who makes a misstep. 
You’re the boss who says, “I just axed half my team,” or “I bulldozed the entire sales department.” 
But here’s the problem: You’re not coaching, you’re not leading, you’re just swinging that axe. 
So, what happens? 
Your top talent bolts, and you’re left trying to recruit in a ghost town. 
The company’s growth? Flatlined.
But then, the magic happens. 
You’ve seen it all, learned the hard way, and now you’ve evolved into the “Sage” in Level 3. 
You’ve got the balance! You’re still building strong relationships, but this time it’s strategic. 
You’re tough but fair. 
You’ve still got that axe, but it’s only for emergencies. 
You’re making smart hires, managing like a pro, and your team?

They’re thriving, delivering results like never before.

As a Sage, you’ve got it all figured out. 

Your team feels valued, respected, and they’re giving their best. 
If someone’s not cutting it, you’re helping them reassess and realign their role, or they’re choosing to move on. 
It’s all part of the game.
So, where are you at in the game?
Are you a Pushover, a Maniac, or a Sage? 

Let me know!

To your success,

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